Friday, March 26, 2010

Squirrel Hunter

Today I was playing outside with my dad....I heard a funny rustling in the leaves by the electric box...what do you know...a squirrel was taunting me from behind there. I tried my best to get him but I was not successful...everytime I ran to one side he would run to the finally moved some vines and he ran up the time squirrel!!!!
Enjoy the weekend pupsters,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Snow Storm

Another spring storm...will it ever stop? I went out with my dad for a quick run...It was very wet and cold. My mom was a woosie and went in right away. Stay warm and dry pupsters.

The summer time and dad were watching stars last night
Dadwas checking out the yard...

Mom was looking out the window...see me on the right helping my dad

Not very deep but heavy and wet

I can still do a good run though

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Play Date!

Hi Furiends,
Boy am I tired, today was a play day...I am ashamed to say that at first, I had a bit of an attitude. There were so many dogs playing happy, that finally I started coming out of my shell and sniffed around. It was pretty nice considering it snowed all day yesterday. Lucky for us, we got to play outside. In the summer it will be really fun to go there. There are tunnels and obstacles and all kinds of fun stuff, even a pool but it is pretty deep. By the end of the play date I was relaxing and even playing a bit. Until Next Time

I was being mean to a doggie that was smelling me.
Dad and Mom liked this sign.
There were lots of Chihuahuas
All of the pupsters really liked my Dad...see the pool
My tail is still tucked under, but I am doing OK

Friday, March 19, 2010

You Want To Sniff Where?????

Hi Furiends,

I went to school last night. I am getting better with most of the doggies now. When the mean poodle lunged at me, I let him know with my snarls and a nip that he needed to back off...It worked and the big guy left me alone all night. Maybe he just needed to know that I am not a stuffie BOL. The trainer lady has a whole bunch of giant Great Danes, one of them gets to come to each school night to be a puppys aid. They are pretty nice but so big that I mostly hide from them. Last night mom, dad and the trainer lady decided for me that it was time to get to know him. Oh My Dog...his head is bigger than my whole body. I was brave and let mom hold me for sniffs. I couldn't help myself though and ran away as soon as she put me down. It's snowing here again, so much for the nice spring weather. Stay dry and warm pups. Until next time


We share the same ears, but that is about all

Go ahead and put me down mom...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunny Saturday and a PARADE!

Hi Furiends,
It is finally getting nice and warm here in Denver. On Saturday we went downtown for the St Patricks Day Parade. Mom and Dad go every year, but this was my first time. I think everyone was so happy to be in sunshine, that they all decided to come downtown. It was VERY crowded. My favorite part was the walk to downtown and then back to the car. Mom held me the whole time at the parade cause it was so busy. Here are some pictures of my fun day in the sun. Until Next Time,

Here we are just before we got to the parade place, I was very interested in everything

See how attentive I am

Lots of Irish Music...Mom said that was the Theme this year

Some of the Step Dancers...Moms very favorite, she always wanted to learn to do it.

Can we go now?

Some Irish handsome

My most favorite picture...ME sitting on the Dad, getting some sun on the way back to the car.

I hope all of you are enjoying some well deserved sunshine and outside playtime.

Friday, March 5, 2010

School is better and I got a new bowtie.

Hi friends,
Well school went a little better last night. I really wanted to hide behind dad but mom kept making me do stuff. This big giant poodle kept looking at me funny and lurching at me. I think he wanted to shake me. Thank goodness his mom had him on a sturdy leash...Mom thinks after this class ends, she might let me do private lessons so I can concentrate on learning and not on avoiding the big dogs. I am going to a play group pretty soon to play with lots of little dogs, that will probably help me relax around big dogs. Today mom made me a green bow tie to wear when we go downtown for the St Patricks Day Parade. She told me I am very handsome in it, and no one will dare pinch me.
Until Next Time,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hard Headed

My mom has been absent from posting but has been visiting all your blogs. Some sad family stuff happened and she has just been quiet for a while. Everything is getting back to normal though and she is back to work at her most important job...updating my blog. I went to school again last Thursday and I was really upset with the big dogs, when it got time to learn, I got really stubborn. I wouldn't even eat a cheese. Mom was embarrased because I did everything ok at home and I wouldn't even sit down one time. I made my legs really stiff and just refused. I showed her who was boss. I go again tonight, I MIGHT be a good boy, my Dad is home from Georgia now, so he will be going too and I always mind him BOL. Here I am at work on Monday, I was a good was boring. Until next time