Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi friends,

More days in the sunshine. It has been windy here but we have still been able to get outside and play. Sunday, we went to a kind of rodeo. Mostly the cowboys were chasing cows...they had to do it really fast. I don't think the cows liked it very much. I know they didn't like me. Mom said this was not a big rodeo, with bucking broncos and such but it was still fun. I am a good boy and did not bark at the cows. Go out and have adventures my friends. Until next time

Mom liked this bridle.

It is good to have a human to hold you up so you can see.
This horse had fancy leg protectors to save him from the cows stepping on


These two guys turned around and stared at me

don't they know I am descended from WOLF'S

Thats right boys, keep on moving!

Hey you, turn around and get going, don't make me come in there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Real Busy Weekend

Hi friends, We have had a really busy weekend....Yesterday my human sister graduated from college...my mom was all proud and weepy too. She is the baby human in the family (besides the grandkids) and now mom feels old BOL. Today I went to a Chihuahau Party...it was so much fun, we had doggie cake and lots of running around, I have lots of Chihuahua friends now. It is soooooo fun. Right now me and my dad are sleeping cause this was too much activity for man and dog...Until next time,

Mom and Sarah
Yummy Cake...I had to stay home and didn't even get a lick!
I runned after this little girl and played with her along time...she was very nice and gave me a drink when we got done.
Dad was kinda tired after the long day yesterday so he was enjoying the sun with some of us pupsters.
Stick tug of war...a fun game
This is a little movie clip of us getting treats. We are a noisy group :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Fun Walk and a Snake

Hi Friends,
We have been enjoying moms new work status....BOL She will have a hard time going back to work when she is called. Everyday that it is warm, we try to go to a park and explore. I just love it. I get to run and smell and leave all kinds of pee mail. Today we were at the regular sports park, just walking around and looking at the lake. I was very interested in the mud daubbers that were flying all around eating bugs off the water. Mom and Dad let me sniff all I wanted and I got really close to the water but I didn't jump in. When we were by some dried up reeds, my mom looked down and saw a huge snake. It was hunting for froggies. We thought it was a rattle snake at first but then we saw it had no rattles. Mom found pictures on her computer, it is a northern diamondback watersnake. Not poison, but a biter for sure. I was glad I didn't get to close to it. Stay safe friends. Until next time.