Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duck Duck Goose.... Splash!

On July 17th it was my Dads birthday, he wanted to have a day just touring around the city and the was the hottest day of the year. Mom had water for me but I am so little that I was burning up. I had to stop alot and lay in some green grass whenever I could find some. Mom picked me up and carried me alot to. Anyway, remember I know how to swim now and I surprised my mom and dad when I chased a gaggle of geese to the lake and JUMPED right in and started swimming out to them. Mom had me leashed so I had to return before I could bite one of those birds, but I sure tried hard. Swimming is great when it is your idea!
Until Next Time,

Here I am walking down to the lake, it was so hot...I needed shade

Wait, what is that ahead? Ducks? Geese? who cares, I want them!!!
What a bunch of cowards, they ran into the lake

Not so fast ducks, I know how to swim, dang mom has that stupid leash on me!
I could have got one of those feather I am happy and cooled off!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Vacation Chronicles Final Chapter

Hi Friends, sorry my mom took so long to get the last chapter of my vacation posted. She is suffering from summer laziness....BOL!
After the fun boat races we headed back to Kansas to meet up with my cool cousins, a Big Labrador named "Chance" and two Schnauzers named "Heidi" and "Kylie" I pretty much stayed away from Chance, he thought I looked like a stuffie and I was not in the mood to swing around. Kylie is the senior of the group and she didn't really like to be bothered with me. Heidi was my favorite, we played bitey face and chased each other the whole time. I loved that girl. After a day to relax, we all headed down to Oklahoma to a lake house where we stayed a couple of days. It was relaxing for the humans, boating and swimming were very much included. This is where Mom decided I needed to have a swim experience and I must say, I can swim like a olympic star. I much prefered to stay on the boat though, sun tanning is my cup of tea. A few days of play and it was time to head home. I really liked my adventures this summer and have had even more since we got home. Until next time,

Hey Heidi, are we almost there?

This is my cousin Heidi...I just love this girl
She really LOVES to go swimming.
Here is Chance...water is his kept throwing sticks and Chance would swim to get them.
My most favorite spot when the boat was anchored and the humans decided to play in the water. Mom said I look a little "Stocky" in this picture...that better not mean I don't get as many snacks :(
Look at me go!!!! I was very focused on getting back to the shore and back to sunning.
Chance and Heidi loved the water, Kylie and I liked the dry boat much better.
I had a very tiring day, staying away from the water and watching Mom and Dad act like kids.

I slept all the way back to the dock!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

That annoying little photobucket box!!!!

Hi does anyone know how to get rid of that white box that keeps showing up in my posts.
Mom deleted the pitapata thing from the design your blog place but the stupid box is still there. Mom is pulling her hair out!!!! Any advice will be welcome.

The Vacation Chronicles Part 4

Hi Friends,
More vacation pictures. After camping, we headed east to Kansas to take home our cousin who lives in Wellington, way down in the southeast corner and to meet another of my human sisters and her family at the fun boat races in Garnett up in the northeast section of Kansas. We did alot of driving. I am so glad I had my carseat bed, I took tons of shortcuts (sleeping) during that windshield time. Yay!! finally we got to the place where my best bud Harley was waiting for me. I met him when I was a puppy and he was bigger than I am bigger than him BOL. We had tons of fun running around and messing in the water. I mostly got to be off my leash and just be a country dog. It was GREAT! We were there 3 days and I had a ball. Next we will be heading back to Wellington to meet up with dads sister and then to a lake in Oklahoma, where I did my first real swimming and played with my Labrador and Schnauzer friends.
Until Next Time.

This is the spot mom, there is Richards Trailer

Richard is my Illinois sisters husband, he races these FAST boats as a hobby He wins alot and even gets money....course my sissy says they spend it all on new boat parts and getting to the races so it is a break even. Those little boats are spensive.

Meet Harley...he is why my mom wanted a little chihuahua and found me! He belongs to my Illinois Sister.

We did alot of sitting and visiting under an easy was real hot. Mom doesn't have her hat on...rare moment. That girl is Madison, moms oldest Illinois granddaughter. she was in charge of taking lots of pictures.

Madison and Mackenzie kept going in the lake to wade and Me and Harley just followed them right in.
Mom Loves Harley...(almost as much as me)

Lots of practicing
Getting started, they go out and cruise around the lake and then a timer clock goes to zero and the race is on.
This is Richard coming around in front of made lots of water come up and got everyone cooled off.
Me and Harley, we had so much fun playing together...both of us were so happy, see those big smiles. (Mom I really want a brother to play with)
Ok mom, we won't go out to deep....It feels good in here and I might need a drink of this yummy lake water.
Mackenzie and Madison...the beautiful Illinois Grandkids.
Dad had a good time relaxing, messing with boats and playing with the kids and us pupters.
Mom....thats better, she has her hat on again.
Mom is not very good with trying to walk both Harley and Me together...we got her all tangled up BOL
This was the last day....I wanted Harley to go home with us...(so did mom)
He jumped into our car and I was going to hide him under some pillows...Illinois Sister said NO

Lots of wins and plenty of splashes later, it was time to load up the boats and get in our vehicles...Richard, Sissy Mandy, the Girls and my Buddy Harley headed back to Quincy Illinois and we got in our car and headed to Wellington. I will miss Harley but he might come visit us in August.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Vacation Chronicles Part 3

Hi Friends,
My mom and dad like to camp. We go a couple of times every summer and I sort of like it. I was just getting over being a little sick this time so my energy level was a bit down. No mad puppy runs down the dusty road or into the trees. Thats OK, I enjoyed laying on someones lap and getting good belly rubs. We had the Kansas cousin, my human sissy and her 2 boys camping with us and we had a campfire and s'mores. I did get a taste of the marshmellows. Next time onward to a little town in Kansas named Garnett. We watched hydroboat racing and saw moms Illinois grandkids. I also had a reunion with "Harley" my spunky Chihuahua cousin Until next time,

Here I am surveying the camp site. Mom put a red blankie by our tent for me to lay on but I wanted to check out everything first.
I brought my bed from home...I was really very comfortable. Mom and Dad had a futon with a sleeping bag. In the middle of the night I had to go outside and pee....that was an adventure in itself. At home I just pop outside and go. At camping, I barked so mom had to wake up, find my harness, and take me outside in the pitch black. It was so starry.
It is so important to stay hydrated in the heat of the day. Mom was always putting a water bowl under my nose. Floating ice cubes....very refreshing

This is early morning, even though it is hot in the day, it is cold in the morning, I had to wear my fleece until the sun warmed stuff up. Everyone was having coffee and all I got was water again, at least it was in a camping cup.

My sissy and cousin washing their hair with the river water...bol. Mom said dirty camping hair is why hats were made. No way was she going to pour river water on her head!

Sitting in a chair is always a good thing. I can keep my eye on things.

We went on a little walk and I found a new friend...all the kids around like me cause I am so small.

I liked relaxing by the river.

This is the view from our camp site.
This is an abandoned railroad tunnel....every year mom and dad that a leaning over picture in front of it. Some silly tradition, this year I get to be in it. We walked all the way through it, it was very cool and very dark.
Almost time to break camp and head home. I got in one more nap!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation Chronicles Part 2

Hi Friends, More pictures....after our fun time on the confluence, we headed down to Salida Colorado. It is south of Denver in the Rocky Mountains ,my moms mother grew up there. It still is a peaceful small town place with a slow pace. Every year they do a water festival on the Arkansas River for all kinds of water sports. This was my first time going because last year was a misery with cold weather and rain and I was just a little puppy so we skipped it. There was a parade and lots of competitions on the river. FIB Ark stands for First In Boating on the Arkansas. We stayed in Salida 3 Days and in between being in the town watching the competitions and playing in the water, we camped up in the mountains about 20 miles was so fun...Mom will have some pictures of me "roughing it" on my next post. Until Next Time,

A big welcoming banner, the river was straight down the street
The offical Subaru car...they were a big sponser.

Here we were waiting outside the carnival for my sissy and cousin to come out. No Dogs were allowed, not even a toteable like me. Dad said Rules are Rules. It was OK though, mom didn't want to go on rides and the food was close so dad could go get treats for us.
These were the sweetest little girls EVER...small town parades, so cool

I liked sitting in the shade, it was starting to get pretty warm outside.

Here is a launching area on the river...look at all those kayaks!

Mom let me go down to the river and get my feet wet but the water was very cold, not like the water at home. You can tell I wanted to get out fast.

These crazy guys were having lots of fun going upside down in the river

Lots of young people in the competitions, girls and dogs though.

So many people and lots of noise, I was getting sort of tired. I didn't get a serious nap all day.