Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost Supper Time

Hi Friends, my mom has been laid off from work since March 18 and you would think she would have lots of time to help me update my bloggie...well noooooooo. Seems she did most of her bloggie stuff when she was at work, now she is pretend retired and all she does is play around in the garden and the park and stuff. She is not sad about being off work and plans on going back after things get better. Mom took these silly pictures and wanted to share them. Until next time pupsters,


Mom is calling me for dinner, yum I can taste it already... nummies

Oh noooooo, Kibble...I wanted BBQ mom, how could you!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Gotcha Day

Hi Friends,
Today I have been living with my Mom and Dad for one whole year. Time really goes quick. Just the other day I was a tiny little pupster that went potty in the house (by accident) and ate my kibble without problems cause I didn't know about "people" food just one short year gone by and I am a big boy that goes potty outside, hardly ever misbehaves and have mastered the " puppy eyes" that pretty much assures me anything I want. I am happy that ended up with Mom and Dad...they love me alot.
Until Next Time,

Friday, April 9, 2010

Waking up the garden

Hi Pupsters,
Finally spring is here! We are so happy to be able to bask in the sun outside.
Mom and Dad have been getting all the leaves off the garden that were protecting the flowers that come back to life. I have been finding all sorts of green and tasty things in the back yard. Last spring I was just a tiny I am big and can really help with digging and protecting from birds and squirrels and stuff. Have a great weekend friends. Until Again,

What happened to my treat that I buried here?

This dragon does not scare me. He can't move

This is a tiny picture of my BATHROOM It is a pretty big patch of mrytle
just right for going potty. When Mom was clearing it out she found lots of

Lots of pretty flowers coming up out of the dirt and leaves
Mom won't let me bite them cause they will give me a tummy ache.

Me and my Dad resting after working hard

I am the King of this backyard...I can't wait till it gets to summer and
there is a jungle of sunflowers and lots of flowers to smell.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Graduation Day

Hi Friends,
Last night was the last night of school. Mom and Dad said I did really good. Even the teacher said I "Blossomed" They still want me to come back a little bit because I finally was relaxing around the other dogs. We played some games to see if we knew "commands" and I did every one just perfect. I graduated. I probably will go on a couple of Saturdays just to fine tune stuff. Plus one of the Trainers has a fun thing called is a combination of Agility and Obedience, I am going to try that. Next week is another play group meeting with lots of Chihuahua's I can't wait to play. Until Next Time,