Monday, December 27, 2010

All is Calm

We had a beautiful Christmas...we hope all our friends in blogland had one as well. Until next time,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!!!

Merry Christmas to All My Furiends!!!!
My cousin Harley came with my Human Sister from Illinois...we are having lots of fun playing bitey face and other doggie games. This morning we had scrambled egg with a tiny bite of sausage for our special treat. Last night we ran all around keeping the humans up. Today after a play time we are sleeping with dad. I hope we get a bite of the prime rib tonight.

Until Next Time,

Here we are enjoying our scrambled eggs...Harley is a fast eater, he was helping me eat mine.
Mom seems to only have view of our bottoms, we are always on the move.

We wish you a merry bitey face!

I really don't want to share my donut bed mom...make him get down!

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Draco the Flying Fetch Dog

Hi it is almost Christmas and we still don't have any snow. As a matter of fact, it was 70 degrees on Tuesday when mom took these pictures. Today it was cold but still no snow. I am really loving playing fetch with my little balls. Dad throws it and I FLY to get it and bring it back (most of the time, sometimes I get a little distracted by goose poop or some other nummy park snack) Have a fun time this weekend and stay warm all you pupsters that are putting up with the cold and the snow. Until Next Time

Come on...Lets Go...

Ok...I am so ready to chase that ball...throw it dad!
Here I go...I swear, I can fly when I am chasing that ball!
Yes...I got it..did you have any doubt?

All that fetching can make even a flying dog really tired. Dad lets me sit on his lap before we start the walk back to the car. I really love my Dad!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ho Ho Ho....The Season Is Here

Hi Friends,

I don't have any reasons for being gone for weeks...I just have a mom who bites of more than she can chew. Silly mom...just take it outside and bury it. Anyway, we have been getting ready for Christmas and decorating the house. I really don't like the lights that much and the Tree is tempting, if you know what I mean. We had our Chihuahua Christmas Meetup, it was so much fun. I hope my mom updates my place more often but you never know around this house.

Until next time,

This is my friend Cricket...she used to live in a puppy mill, but got rescued by her forever mom and dad. She is finally getting to be a puppy and exploring stuff, even though she was forced to be a mom lots of time. She is a happy girl now.
My Friend Arnie

This is Prissie, remember her from halloween? Well I just love her, really...I would not leave her alone all day.

Ho Ho many pupsters...this was only some of us.

This is Zoie, she is Crickets Sister...she likes me but I only have eyes for Prissie

Hanging with my dad

This is Fern...she is itty bitty and delicate, BUT she has a really big bark!
This is a picture of all the humans that were there! We have to bring them because they drive the cars!

This is another example of my mom torturing me with clothes...I guess I can humor her!