Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long shadows of winter.

Hi Friends,
I have been pretty lucky this fall. It has been a little cold but not freezing. Mom and Dad take me for a run in the sports park everyday...It is so fun. I love to play fetch with my blue ball and I love running through the leaves. Mom says the shadows we make are very long cause the sun is lower in the sky now. I guess the snow will come pretty soon though. Mom got her electric comforter down from the closet and plugged it in on her orange chair. I always pick her chair when that blankie is turned on...unless she has the dreaded computer on her lap. Stay happy friends. Until next time,

We are very tall.
Somebodys been here since yesterday!

I can fetch really good.

It was way to cold to jump into the pond to get these guys. I will wait till summer

What do I hear!

Is it the squeaky ball?

Don't worry dad, I will get it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Windy Day

Hi Friends,
I think fall is finally coming to Denver...we went to the park today and I was happy chasing a ball. Then mom and dad wanted to rest by the big tree with the picnic tables. It was a nice little rest, then all of a sudden the wind started blowing really hard and sticks were blowing out of the tree. Leaves were blowing off the tree and it looked like a leaf blizzard. The doggie bags were blowing straight out. Mom was taking pictures and then it started to rain....we were far from the car so we had to leave before we got soaked. Now it is sunny again but we came home.
I can't get mom and dad out of their chairs, so I guess I will take a nap. Until Again.

Here I am with dad, we are relaxing on the picnic table.
Uh Oh...look at the doggie bags mom...they are flying around

The tree was really letting leaves fly off...little sticks and limbs too. We had to leave.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Days

Hi Friends,

I hope everyone had a real fun Halloween! I helped my mom answer the door and hand out candy. It was very warm and we had a record number of trick or treaters. A couple of them were scary though and I just had to BARK them. Yesterday my dad put the storm door thing on my dog door porch. I guess the snow will be coming soon. Enjoy all the good weather while it lasts friends. Until Again,

Here I am inside my worked fine to keep me out of the wind while mom was carving a pumpkin.

Jack-o-lanterns are strange....very strange

See you guys later!