Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chihuahua Howloween!!!

Yesterday was our fun day with friends. It was the October Chihuahua Meetup and you know what that means...Trick or Treats and Halloween costumes. I met my newest little brother from my Sire...he looks kind of like me in the face, but has our dads long soft fur, coloring and little size. Mom wanted to wisk him away from his new owner and take him home. We had tons of fun running around and then we got lots of treats to take home. Still nice outside, we have been cheating the cold weather here in the city.

Hey... put down the flashy box and pick me up!
This is my mom getting all mushy with my Bio Brother...she wanted to take him home
Here we are "tiger fighting" I guess he is ok for a little guy. I will see him at meetups.
What the heck mom...take some pictures of me! That dude is a pest!
Some of the chihuahuas were new and I didn't know their name. He was a lady bug
This is my friend Ernie...he was a lobster
This girl was nice but I don't know her name.
Mom liked this scary picture of the lady bug guy!
This is my friend Oscar...he was Count Dracula. We always greet each other with a lip curl and a snarl, but warm up to each other real fast.
Some of the friends hanging in the yard. Mom wished she got a picture of all of us at once, there were about 45 chihuahuas altogether.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe Howloween.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

Hi Friends,
This weekend came and went so fast. I had a couple of days of hunting rabbits in my human brothers backyard and a couple of good walks at the sports park. I didn't catch any rabbits as usual but I made a couple run really fast. Mom and Dad said to enjoy the day because it was a bonus warm day and those days are going to disappear.
I like the sports park in the winter too, as long as I have a coat, but Mom and Dad, they don't like it as much. It was a great walk and a beautiful day. Next Saturday is the Chihuahua Costume Party, I can't wait. I do have to wear my dragon costume, but only for a little while. Until next time pupsters

Mom, do I really have to wear that thing at the sports park...what if someone sees me?

Nope, no one else has been by.

I will run over there to the trees, and you guys catch up OK!

So pretty and it smelled so good...must be the fall air

Time for a little rest, I got hot running around .

Sunday, October 10, 2010

One World One Sky

Today was the kite was rainy and gloomy again. We went for a little while but the rain was making the kites heavy and they could not fly. Mom made me wear my saddle and she put that stupid toy cowboy from Toy Story on it. Not cool mom!!!!! Lucky for me it got to cold and I was shivering big time so we got to go home. Both times I have gone to this thing it has been cold and miserable, mom said it has been a very good time in years past. I think I will believe it when I see it. Maybe next year. Until next time pupsters,


I liked walking on the sidewalk instead of the grass, it was soaked.
This was a HUGE kite, it was flying for a while but got to heavy from the rain.

We were not the only strange people out in the grey...some kites are still flying in this one

There were 3 Lamas there...this guys name is "Some Enchanted Evening" he was very cool and had very long furs that get cut to make yarn....very interesting.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

California Beach Chihuahua

Hi Friends,
We have fully recovered from our long trip away from home. Mom is finally updating my blog with some of my beach pictures. It was really fun playing on the beaches and most of them were very dog friendly. We only went to one beach where I was not allowed, so we didn't stay. I must say I would love to live by the beach. I would go every day and run. I really didn't like going into the water though. Mom made me go in one time but then she just let me do what I wanted, and that was to stay just at the edge. I was worried about the water that tried to suck me out far.
Until Next Time

This was a little MinPin that I met at the beach...we played and played.
A runner took this family picture was just to hard to put one foot in so I used my head BOL
My dad was telling me to go get mom...she was far away in the water.
I was posing by the big rock in Morro Bay
The sand felt so good
Ummmm I feel the sun
It was windy and I was warm by dads legs
Peek a boo!!!
I love the beach