Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Sculptures

Hey everyone...another busy weekend. On Friday we went up to the mountains to Breckenridge to see the annual snow sculpture display. We usually go on Saturdays but this year we went on Friday because mom is off work now. We got to see how the artists do the work. They start out with giant blocks of compacted snow and make the neatest statues out of them. No power tools are allowed so they are made totally by hand. There were a few ice sculptures that did allow power tools but they were just for decoration, not in the competition. It was a sunny day and I got to walk around alot, if my feet got cold mom picked me up till I wiggled to get back down. We all had fun!

In the car and ready to go

The mountains were very pretty

The tunnel that goes through the Continenal Divide...It is very long we are at Breck

Time to go see some snow statues

The whole pack

First, huge blocks of snow

Then the plan

Time to create

We saw lots of the sculptures getting worked on

We didn't stay overnight this time so we didn't see the final statues but mom found some pictures of a few of them

There were some ice carvings as well

We stopped for a while and enjoyed the sun before we headed back to the car

Mom and Dad enjoyed the snowy scenery on the way home, I...was tired.

I hope all of you pupsters had a wonderful and restful weekend.
Until Next Time,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am the Birthday Boy

Hi pupsters
Today I turned into a big dog...I am not a tiny puppy anymore. Last year I got borned and I have been in the world for one whole year. My mom said I was not a baby anymore. I had a pretty normal day at home but I did get a couple of treats. Chicken and cottage cheese for lunch and I got some ice cream on a stick for snack. YUMMMM it was real ice cream to. My mom always lets me lick the stick but this time there was a good bite of ice cream on there. I am sure she will still treat me like a baby though. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Until next time,


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sometimes I just like to lay on my mom, especially when she has the warm blanket turned on.

Until next time,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Warm Winter Walk

Hi Furiends,
I had a wonderful weekend, it finally got warmer and I was not freezing my tummy off.
Saturday and Sunday we went to the sports park to walk and run in the sunshine. It was 50 degrees and felt sooooo good. I hope you all had a great weekend and found some warmth, either outside or under a blanket.

Pretty Winter Sky With Jet Contrails

I was leaving paw prints all over everything.
UH OH these guys were all over the place, had to stay on my leash once Mom spotted them.
Wait Up Dad!

I was running back and forth for treats, till mom saw the hawks

I have to take way more steps than the humans.

Do you think they might have cheese Mom?

Until Next Time Pupsters,

Friday, January 8, 2010

A new kind of Friday

Hi pupsters, you might not know but my assistant is "getting up there" in years and is thinking about the day that she retires. This year is the first year of "phasing out" the work days. She is now officially going to be home on Fridays...I am glad about that because I get to stay home too. She went to the gym later than usual and came home all relaxed. Though she and dad left me for a little while when they went to the store, I was the recipient of so much more attention. I kind of like it. Mom said she will get used to a little less $ and will certainly like the extra time with me and dad. She did get the flashy box out though.....I guess a few pictures are to be expected.

I love scratches by my Dad, I lean up on the arm of the chair

Don't stop now feels really good!
Did you miss the office Mom?
This could be alright...stay at home Fridays!
Until Next Time Pupsters.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold and Slow

Hi Pupsters,
Today we woke up to -12 Degrees’ Not much snow but soooo cold.
Mom thought it would be ok for the drive to work because hardly any snow was hanging around on the roads. Boy was she wrong!
People were sliding off the road and causing all kinds of problems.
Mom was a speed racer and driving a scary 4 miles a hour the whole way to work.
Nothing to do but slide along.

You might think I was riding along, but No thank doG, I was not in the car

I was busy doing this. Sorry Mom!!!! See you later tonight after the slide home.

Stay warm and dry all you pupsters! Until Next Time

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Florida Cousins

Hi Furiends,
I mentioned my Italian Greyhound Cousins in my last post. My Auntie Dot posted a picture of them yesterday getting ready to go for a walk...It is really cold in Florida this winter and they are used to the warm weather. Poor pupsters, have to wear a coat and hat!

I have never seen my cousins in real life because they live so far away, they used to have a brother and a sister that went to the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago.
I think they would be very fun to play chase with.
Until Next Time,

…yes they are Iggies… we do a lot training with them. They aren't always so obedient though...sometimes our house is a bit crazy with four dog happiness! Left to right-Byblos 15 years, Anna 3 years, Armani 9 years, and Isabella 3 years. Issy and Anna are littermate sisters.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Warm Coat and Hat

Hi Furiends,
Today when we got home from work, there was a box for us from Florida!!! Mom's sister lives there with her husband and my four Italian Greyhound cousins. Aunt Dot saw how I LOVE to play outside in the snow so she made me a winter outfit. It is sooooo warm and has Lamby wool on the inside of the coat and inside one of the hats. Mom put it on me right away and I was not really sure about it, I think it will be really nice when we go outside for a long time on pack walks.
Until Next Time Pupsters
Light weight hat ...Mom said I look Cute

A snood type hood that is lined with the sherpa...warm

I really don't think this is necessary Mom!

I might like this when I am outside and it is freezing cold.