Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival

Sunday, when I was sort of recovered from the horror of the bee sting, mom and dad took me to the Dragon Boat Festival at a place called Sloans Lake. It was pretty fun but mom carried me alot because it was so crowded and I was doing the happy dance to so many people that she was afraid I would get stepped on. She needs to make me a carrier because I am such a wiggle butt.

We watched the boats race and I got to smell lots of wonderful smells from all the food booths.
Mom and Dad would not give me any of the good smelling food though, they are meanies.

My mom likes always takes pictures of dragon stuff...good thing she found me, since I am the best Dragon-Chi around.

I wanted to go in the lake but mom only wanted to let me get my feet wet...she said it was to icky...I thought it was wonderful, and I wanted to eat some of that tasty green stuff.

Dad was taking my picture, he got in the way though.

This was a girl I met that day...her name was Stella and she liked me, but I was playing hard to get. We saw her on the way home and I wanted to play but then she decided that she didn't like me anymore. Woomen !!!!

I still had lots of smelling to do and I really wanted to jump in the water and chase some of those huge birds, but mom kept picking me up when I would not walk with her. She can be so picky... She wouldn't even let me eat the duck poop.

We hope to camping pretty soon so I will tell you about that adventure. Mom said I will have to sleep in the car in my travel crate...I am not afraid of bears...I really could sleep in a tent.. Until next time.


Monday, July 27, 2009


I learned a lesson...Saturday I was just following a couple of ants around on the flagstone in my of those yellow and black snacks bit me before I could eat him. It hurt really bad and I cried. (just a little, cause I am a brave boy) Mom tried to see if she could get the stinger out but I was so wiggley...Hey it Hurt OK!!! I got it out by rubbing my face on the rug. Then I got a tummy ache and got sick all over the house in 5 different places...Mom didn't get mad though. I had to lay down all day to recover but I was being so cute that she made me a special dinner and let me eat it in the front room. I think I will leave those yellow bugs alone. I like chicken and rice but its not worth it.

PS: I got to stay home from work today because I am still getting better. I am hoping for more chicken and rice but mom said if I could eat "cheese" it is back to the Kibble !
Puppy Wags

Friday, July 24, 2009


My name is Draco, I live with my mom and dad in Aurora Colorado. My mom is doing this blog thing because she wants to have these memories saved and her memory is not what it used to be. BOL... I have fun and adventures and meet lots of humans. I will tell about them here.