Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still on Vacation....

Hi friends,
We are all still on vacation...lots of fun adventure to share with everyone when we get back sometime next week. I went Swimming for the first time and I must tell you, I don't know what all you water dogs see in it at all. We have been camping, boat racing, and visiting relatives in Kansas, and Oklahoma. Mom will have lots of pictures and stories of me and all my fur relatives big and small.
Until next time

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chalk Art and Festival

Hi all my friends,
Last weekend we went downtown to have fun and see all the sidewalk art. It is an annual thing that artists do. On Saturday and Sunday they draw all kinds of things on the STREET and make pretty pictures. It is a lot of hard work and the art is very temporary...Mom and Dad just can't get over how beautiful some of the pictures are. There was a peoples fair going on the same day so we took the shuttle bus to the other side of town and browsed some of the booths. I got a new tag shaped like a bone with my name on it. Mom has to put it on my tag ring though. It was a hot day, and on the way there, I got to walk in the river with my mom and she also made sure I had lots of water to drink. It was hard work herding my humans all around the town, so I went right to sleep when we got back to the car after our adventure.
Until Next Time,

Are you ready for some pictures

Bubble Gum Welcome

Abstract Art and Eggs

Mom liked the Girl with the Pearl...she just saw the movie

A few pieces about the horrible oil spill. We are really sad about it.

Calvin and Hobbs!

This one was so detailed, amazing it was done in 2 days

My favorite BOL

Nice cool shuttle bus...glad we didn't walk

Downtown Denver from Civic Center Park

Civic Center Building...look at all those vendor tents!

I was so hot, the water felt good.

Plopped down in the sand by the river. Felt so good on my tummy

Have a GREAT weekend pupsters!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Healthy as a Horse (Almost)

Hi friends,

My VET visit went pretty good. I got a new picture on my record because I am a dog now and not a puppy. All the nurses just goo and gah all over me. I weigh almost 8 pounds but the doctor
said I was just right for my bones. He was very happy with everything about me except maybe my pesky knees...I have that chihuahua thing "luxating patella" that is why I now stand and ask to be picked up to the chair, when I used to just leap up. Doctor said I was not being stubborn like my mom thought, just wise, because I knew it might hurt. They are not so bad that I need surgery though (as long as the mom keeps me exercised and trim). My teefs and gums are excellent, cause of my raw food diet I am sure. I did have to have a blood test for those heart worm things but mom always gives me the pill so I was negative, and a rabies shot...I need a distemper shot and rattlesnake vaccine but the doctor is letting me get them a week apart. I was brave and didn't even whimper when I got the needles. I am glad that day is over. Until next time,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hi furiends, Today I heard my mom telling dad that I have to go to the vet and get a wellness check...she also said something about told her that I really don't worry about shots and that she was projecting her fear on me. Dad, I don't like shots, just for the record. We will find out how much I weigh and how my teefs are doing. I am sure that vet will say I am in super good condition. Until next time,

Are you sure I need to go to that place mom?