Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working Wednesday

Hi Furiends...Mom has me at the office today and found some time to play with her flashy box.

Now that it is getting cooler in the mornings, she makes me wear cloths...can you believe it. I am a nature dog and I love my fur coat. Oh well I will amuse her, besides they do keep me from shivering. I am hugging my little warm up bed buddy that she made me. It goes in the microwave and then gets all toasty. I love to snuggle with it. I have been pretty much ignoring her today as punishment for being lazy!

Until Next Time



  1. Draco you look very handsome with your clothes and bed buddy!!!


  2. Hi Draco,

    We love your t-shirt!

    Wags & wiggles,

  3. hey Draco, sometimes i think we're related somewhere as you are the fair version of moi....we have the same LOOK and ears bol......

    love yoooo
    come over as i want you to have my 'Cute as a Button' award and you can do anything with it....

  4. Hi Draco!!

    You look very handsome in your shirt!!

    Mamma Shon

  5. Draco, even though you don't like wearing clothes, I think you are very handsome in them! And cute bed buddy!!

    Kisses, Lilibell

  6. Draco is such a little cutie! I love his t-shirt! Rylie can completely sympathize... she hates wearing clothes and would rather freeze!

  7. You look such a handsome devil in that shirt Draco! We wish we had a bed that went in the microwave - you are sooo lucky.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah and Bridget xx