Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still Hanging In Barstow

Hi Friends, We are still hanging out in the Desert in Barstow California. My dads mom is getting older and needs stuff done around her house. On Monday we will be heading below to San Bernadino to visit dads brother and then down to San Diego to see a niece and to finally go to the beach...I can't wait to walk in the ocean (Mom told me it would be fun, we will see) Until Next Time!

Here I am walking in the desert, it is really hot. Even though there are mountains, it is not cool and breezy like Colorado, it is HOT and Windy! My shadow was trying to stay cool under me...BOL

There are lots of lizards and grasshoppers, I have been keeping up with my hunting skills. You should have seen how HUGE the grasshoppers are around here.

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  1. When you get done there, could you send your dad over here? I have a few things that could use some fixing up too! BOL