Sunday, October 10, 2010

One World One Sky

Today was the kite was rainy and gloomy again. We went for a little while but the rain was making the kites heavy and they could not fly. Mom made me wear my saddle and she put that stupid toy cowboy from Toy Story on it. Not cool mom!!!!! Lucky for me it got to cold and I was shivering big time so we got to go home. Both times I have gone to this thing it has been cold and miserable, mom said it has been a very good time in years past. I think I will believe it when I see it. Maybe next year. Until next time pupsters,


I liked walking on the sidewalk instead of the grass, it was soaked.
This was a HUGE kite, it was flying for a while but got to heavy from the rain.

We were not the only strange people out in the grey...some kites are still flying in this one

There were 3 Lamas there...this guys name is "Some Enchanted Evening" he was very cool and had very long furs that get cut to make yarn....very interesting.


  1. Draco,
    that is one ginormous kite. it is very pretty, but you are much better looking in your little blue jacket. sorry about the nasty weather. maybe next time it will be sunny!

  2. Wow, those kites are incredible, we didn't even know they made them that size.
    Love llamas, they look so haughty - like English people, bol!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  3. We used to have Kite Day here too! I don't remember when it was specifically. I went a few times just to watch (didn't have a kite back then) and it always seemed to be chilly here too. Once it got rained out. They quit doing it here and it makes me sad. I'm not sure why they stopped. I have a big butterfly kite that I'd like to have participated with.

  4. wow, that IS a biiiiiig kite!!!

    we think you and tiffy are the same size as you have long legs too

    coco and tiffy

  5. Oh my dog, that kite IS huge! I would be scared of it. You are so cute in that saddle harness.

  6. Oh are one handsome fellow. My girls would kiss your sweet face if you visited us. Drop by and meet Melody on Monday. She's got some pretty eyes.