Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kite Festival...cold out and cut back

Hi Furiends,
Well we went out to the kite festival today, but it was so cold, they cancelled alot of the activities. There were some giant kites but they were stuck on the ground. The vendors were there but not to happy about it. After about an hour, a couple of small kites went up, but the wind was wimpy. I guess that was good though, otherwise I would have turned into a pupcycle from the wind chill. I had my heavy sweater on but I still got cold unless I was running. Alot of the time mom or dad carried me to keep me warm. We hope it will be warmer next year. Though October is always kind of sketchy in Denver. Right now I am lounging in the orange chair on moms heated lap is mighty nice. Until next time!
Are you cold dad?

Those spinners would be cool in our backyard

Giant Kite with the Festival Logo

The sky was full of grey, not hoo!

Some of the Flags of All Nations

Are We By the Car?

I'm Ok as long as you hold me Dad!


  1. Hi Draco,

    I'm sorry the bad weather ruined the kite festival for you. Why don't our hoomans get smart and move where the sun always shines? BOL


  2. Aww...too bad, the weather spoilt the fun. We were looking forward to see some colourful kites. Couldn't the Kite Festival be held at some other times of the year?

  3. Those are some good kites, what a pity the wind was not good enough. They do this on our beach as well - but only in summer. Lucky you had your warm jumper on, it's no fun being a chi in cold weather.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah and Bridget

  4. We wish they would have the festival in the summer, but it is for the world on the 2nd Sunday in October...I am sure it is warm in some places...Mom said she would post some pictures of years past, when it was more seasonal.

  5. hey Draco, sorry the weather spoilt look so warm and cuddly

    where's Lilibell and why did you leave that message on their cbox????? are they ok???


  6. eh how did your mumsy managed to reduce the size of the awards to that nice size?????

    can you pls enlighten my mumster??? thanks

  7. I'm sorry the weather ruined your fun :( You look adorable all bundled up, though, Draco!

  8. Hi Coco...about those award sizes... mom didn't resize the awards, she just copied the picture to her hard drive, then loaded it into my blog. Maybe because my columns are small it is automatic. You could resize the picture in a photoshop program though. My mom did that with my Halloween picture.

  9. it looks like it was super cold! its a good thing you had a little sweater on and your parents to keep you warm!

    Coco The Princess

  10. Heated lap throw? That sounds like something we need!

  11. Cousin, what a bummer that the kites weren't flying. We've never seen kites in the sky before but Mom's says we would like them. It looks like it was nice and chilly there too. It is still pretty warm here. Mom is ready for the cooler weather but we're not. We don't like the cold very makes us shiver.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  12. Ooooh Draco, it looked sooo cold there, but at least you had that brown sweater on (and you look very handsome in it I might add!). Sorry the kites didn't work out for you, maybe next year the weather will cooperate??

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  13. TQ Draco, oooooh you looked so cold but your sweater kept you warm but i bet your ears were cold right???

    we know we won but we always thought you would win with those beautiful see-through ears