Sunday, October 25, 2009

Snowy Sunday

What a big change from yesterday...Mom warned me it was not going to last. Today SNOW...Mom put my coat on and out I went...

Until Next Time



  1. What a great video. We loved seeing the snow, what do you think of it Draco?
    That coat looks nice and warm - where did you disappear to at the end?
    Wags and kisses, Dinah and Bridget xx

  2. Mom told me I could go in so I RAN really fast into the house...Dad put a storm door on my dog porch so now I run through a little door then through the doors to the house.

  3. Draco, better you than us!! While you were running around in the snow and hiding from your mama, I was at my Auntie Lori's having a grand ole time in my pretty dress playing in the leaves!

    If you ever think about moving up North, where we don't get as much snow as you guys, we have a bed available for you with us!!

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  4. Oh Draco we don't like that white stuff at all! I hate to think of it being so near. Colorado isn't that far from us you know. I hope your paws are warmed up now.


  5. Wow! We've never seen snow before, but our mommy and daddy have!

    It looks like a lot of fun, but... brrrr!

    <3 RCTR

  6. How cute you are Draco!! Though you didn't seem to mind the snow very much - good boy! :o)

  7. Snow looks like fun but we don't get that in this part of the world. How do you like it, Draco?