Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold and Slow

Hi Pupsters,
Today we woke up to -12 Degrees’ Not much snow but soooo cold.
Mom thought it would be ok for the drive to work because hardly any snow was hanging around on the roads. Boy was she wrong!
People were sliding off the road and causing all kinds of problems.
Mom was a speed racer and driving a scary 4 miles a hour the whole way to work.
Nothing to do but slide along.

You might think I was riding along, but No thank doG, I was not in the car

I was busy doing this. Sorry Mom!!!! See you later tonight after the slide home.

Stay warm and dry all you pupsters! Until Next Time


  1. Oh boy I hope your Mom makes it home safe! We have at least a foot of snow here and the roads have been bad too. It's been so cold that my Mumsy doesn't even let me walk to the mailbox with her anymore =( Oh well, in the meantime, enjoy your nap!!

    Woof woof!

  2. :) I'm glad you decided to stay home in the snug warm duvet! A scary Icyy road isn't the place for a furbutt :) Me and Mum built a snowman and then I curled up in me blankie for the rest of the day today. :) Good live's we lead eh? :)
    Hugz Riley x

  3. Be safe out there! And keep your chihuahua bones warm!

  4. Hey sweetie, thank doGness you didn't have to go out in that freezing cold! We are having a heat wave here today...42 degrees!!! BOL!

    Chi kisses, Lilibell

  5. Hi Draco,

    We are glad your mom made it to work and back home safely. Every morning we snuggle in our warm bed too while our mom goes out into the dark, cold and snowy winter weather to earn money for us.

    BOL Ain't we lucky dogs?


  6. Hey, tough guys get cold too, huh? Phew, I was afraid I'd see a photo of you snowboarding BOL Stay inside! Brrr

  7. Hi Draco,

    OMD! You look adorable snuggled up in that big pillow! Don't go outside unless you have to and wear your booties!

    Luv you,
    Riley and Star.

  8. We sympathise with your poor Mum. It is the same here in England. There are 15 hour long tailbacks into London and lots of roads closed due to accidents. Stay safe Dracos Mum.
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  9. Hope your Mom got home safely!!

    Woofs and Kisses!