Friday, April 9, 2010

Waking up the garden

Hi Pupsters,
Finally spring is here! We are so happy to be able to bask in the sun outside.
Mom and Dad have been getting all the leaves off the garden that were protecting the flowers that come back to life. I have been finding all sorts of green and tasty things in the back yard. Last spring I was just a tiny I am big and can really help with digging and protecting from birds and squirrels and stuff. Have a great weekend friends. Until Again,

What happened to my treat that I buried here?

This dragon does not scare me. He can't move

This is a tiny picture of my BATHROOM It is a pretty big patch of mrytle
just right for going potty. When Mom was clearing it out she found lots of

Lots of pretty flowers coming up out of the dirt and leaves
Mom won't let me bite them cause they will give me a tummy ache.

Me and my Dad resting after working hard

I am the King of this backyard...I can't wait till it gets to summer and
there is a jungle of sunflowers and lots of flowers to smell.


  1. You look so happy with papa and by yourself taking in the garden taking in the sun. I got your comment on my dog product review and wanted to stop by and say thank you for two alternatives for safe and healthy cheweys I didn't know about.

  2. The flowers are beautiful. We just can't wait to see more pictures of beautiful flowers. You really are the King of your backyard!

    Hey Draco, we have an award for you. Please come by to collect it.

  3. you look like Royalty sitting there beside your dadster!

    you rock Draco!

  4. Oh wow, we love the signs of spring waking up! Our favoritest time of year! I guess those flowers like your pressies because they sure are beautiful! BOL! You look like such a proud pupper Draco... We think you are very handsome. ;o)

  5. hello draco~!

    my name is luna.
    mum says she adores your sky high little legs. :)

    what a nice looking graden you have going on.

    i hope we can become good fur friends~!