Monday, August 2, 2010

Chihuahua Meetup...Fun With Friends

Happy Monday Friends,
Yesterday we went to my Chihuahua meetup group...I always have so much fun playing with all the puppies....There must have been more than thirty doggies, all sizes from really big to really small. Even a tenny little 10 week old pupster. I just love to play bitey face with all my friends. We got pupcycles too, yummmy! I wish I could meet each and everyone of you friends in person, we would have such fun! Until Next Time,

You can just see my ears in the bottom of the picture, I was about to join in the fun

This is Stella, she is VERY tiny

Mom liked this girl

Dad kept holding Moses...he is going to be a show dog.

Moses kept hogging everyone, here he is with MY girl

Cool grass on a hot day...nice
Mom likes this little guy...he is very small and was going to be a show dog, but he only wanted to be a lovey lap dog so he got turned into a pet at the vets.

grasshopper hunting

We want to go back outside

Happy Summer Day...see you all later!!!!


  1. hi draco~!! i wish i could join you~!! it looks like tons of fun--and the pupcycles sound delish~! :)
    all your furends are super cute~!!!!


  2. I love that picture of everyone heading out into the backyard!

  3. Hi Draco,

    You lucky dog! It looks like every buddy was having a terrific time. Lots of cute Chihuahuas, but you are the most handsome one.


  4. OMD, Draco!! That is just too much cuteness in one spot!! That looks like such a fun day!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Moms loves the picture of all of you at the door!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  5. What a pawsome get together. So many cute & little ones in the same place. Love the picture of you all waiting to go back outside.

  6. A chi-wa party!! How fun. Did you smell any purdy girl chi-wa's?? Wish I could come!

  7. What a great meetup! We cant decide which of those chihuahuas is the most adorable - oh yes, it's you!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  8. Draco Draco......if only i lived near you...

    so many doggies to play with - and such pretty ones too. i wish mumster would arrange a play date for me but she does not know many mummies with chihuahuas or poodles


  9. Wow! That's a bunch of chi's. Taz would like to be in the middle of that - someone to play with his own size!
    The Road Dogs