Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duck Duck Goose.... Splash!

On July 17th it was my Dads birthday, he wanted to have a day just touring around the city and the was the hottest day of the year. Mom had water for me but I am so little that I was burning up. I had to stop alot and lay in some green grass whenever I could find some. Mom picked me up and carried me alot to. Anyway, remember I know how to swim now and I surprised my mom and dad when I chased a gaggle of geese to the lake and JUMPED right in and started swimming out to them. Mom had me leashed so I had to return before I could bite one of those birds, but I sure tried hard. Swimming is great when it is your idea!
Until Next Time,

Here I am walking down to the lake, it was so hot...I needed shade

Wait, what is that ahead? Ducks? Geese? who cares, I want them!!!
What a bunch of cowards, they ran into the lake

Not so fast ducks, I know how to swim, dang mom has that stupid leash on me!
I could have got one of those feather I am happy and cooled off!


  1. wow draco--you are so BRAVE~!! :D
    i like to chase the ducky's at out park too but i've never jumped into the lake. i hate water. :(


  2. We have a park with a pond that has dogs but you can only have the dogs in certain areas so the geese will be safe.

  3. Draco you are too funny!

    Jumping in after those duckies...are you nuts? BOL Don't ya know they'll peck your eyes out!

    At least that is what my mom tells Banjo when he tries to chase the ducks. Could she be fibbin' to us?


  4. Draco you're too cute and funny. I stopped by to make sure you end up getting some stuffed cow hooves. My favorites have bacon in them. I eat it all but the taste linger so then I chew on it for months. Warning, some cow hooves stink, but it's usually not the stuffed ones, it's the ones in bulk.
    Thank you for aaaall your lovely comments and I'm sorry I can't stop by every day like I used to. That's why I'm relying on my Dear Twinkie column at the moment to stay in touch and to help my ol' pals by sharing announcements etc

  5. Ha ha, you did a good job Draco, chasing the feathered fiends and cooling off at the same time. We think you are awfully brave.
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx