Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas Decorations

Hi Pupsters,Saturday and the warm sun finally came has been pretty freezing cold here. Today my mom finished putting up the Christmas Decorations and I helped "sort of" She put stuff in MY room which used to be the family room. Said the stockings have to go there on Christmas Eve. She got a littler tree that would fit in the living room and the huge tree is going to live at my human sisters house. Of course she and Dad got out the annoying flashy box and tried to take my picture. I was not very cooperative. The holidays are in full swing here at our house. Until Next Time,

Snow Crystals on our Storm Door @
-16 Degrees. Burr
Would you like me to be an ornament on here mom?

No Mom, I can't look at you!

I am ready for the "Nutcracker Suite"
Watch how good I can dance!
This is Mom's favorite picture of
Me and My Reindeer Prancer.


  1. Oh Draco, Moms wants you to come here and be an ornament for her anytime! She thinks you have "the cute"!!! You sure do look festive!!

  2. You are such a good helper, Draco! And I love your Santa suit and reindeer. -16 degrees... yikes! Stay warm =)

    Woof woof!

  3. Dear Draco,

    We love your Santa Suite! You look adorable!

    We like the ornament picture the best.

    Riley and Star.

  4. Well done for all your help putting the decorations up, they look great! We love your Santa sweater, you make a much better ornament than any we have!
    Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  5. Hi Draco,

    I'm glad to see you are having a good weekend. The snow crystals are neat, but we hate the cold temps it takes to make them. That is a very nice picture of you. We think it's a keeper!


  6. You snoopervising kills are pawesome Draco!!


  7. Haha, "snoopervising". That's funny.

    Draco, you look so cool in your Christmas attire. Great job helping your mama. Everything looks so festive - including you! :)

  8. what a cute outfit you have on Draco! I didn't get one this year because i was too small to fit in any! Mum says NEXT YEARRR!! lol.

    hope you had a goood xmas!
    Lots of huggies, Riley x