Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Vacation Chronicles Final Chapter

Hi Friends, sorry my mom took so long to get the last chapter of my vacation posted. She is suffering from summer laziness....BOL!
After the fun boat races we headed back to Kansas to meet up with my cool cousins, a Big Labrador named "Chance" and two Schnauzers named "Heidi" and "Kylie" I pretty much stayed away from Chance, he thought I looked like a stuffie and I was not in the mood to swing around. Kylie is the senior of the group and she didn't really like to be bothered with me. Heidi was my favorite, we played bitey face and chased each other the whole time. I loved that girl. After a day to relax, we all headed down to Oklahoma to a lake house where we stayed a couple of days. It was relaxing for the humans, boating and swimming were very much included. This is where Mom decided I needed to have a swim experience and I must say, I can swim like a olympic star. I much prefered to stay on the boat though, sun tanning is my cup of tea. A few days of play and it was time to head home. I really liked my adventures this summer and have had even more since we got home. Until next time,

Hey Heidi, are we almost there?

This is my cousin Heidi...I just love this girl
She really LOVES to go swimming.
Here is Chance...water is his kept throwing sticks and Chance would swim to get them.
My most favorite spot when the boat was anchored and the humans decided to play in the water. Mom said I look a little "Stocky" in this picture...that better not mean I don't get as many snacks :(
Look at me go!!!! I was very focused on getting back to the shore and back to sunning.
Chance and Heidi loved the water, Kylie and I liked the dry boat much better.
I had a very tiring day, staying away from the water and watching Mom and Dad act like kids.

I slept all the way back to the dock!


  1. omd--draco you are back~!! :D i was missing you very much~!!
    my mum took me into the pool not too long ago and we discovered that i am a good swimmer too. :)
    it looks like you had some refreshing fun~!!


  2. Wow Draco you had a pawesome vacation. Riding and relaxing in the boat looks like fun but I don't know bout swimming. Too much like a bath I think and I don't care much for those. BOL

    It's great you had some doggies to play with.
    We love your new background.


  3. Our mum suffers from Summer laziness 12 months of the year, BOL!
    What a fantastic holiday you had, it looks so hot and sunny, just the weather for boating.
    We love your cousin, how cute she is.
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  4. Draco, you are certainly living the life this summer! Looks like you had a fantastic vacation!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

    Pee for a package in your mail next week!

  5. Draco, it looks like you and cousin Heidi had the best time swimming and boating!

    Happy weekend!
    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  6. You swam, you swam!! Then you were pooped. I'd rather much suntan too. What a pawsome vacay you had!!