Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation Chronicles Part 2

Hi Friends, More pictures....after our fun time on the confluence, we headed down to Salida Colorado. It is south of Denver in the Rocky Mountains ,my moms mother grew up there. It still is a peaceful small town place with a slow pace. Every year they do a water festival on the Arkansas River for all kinds of water sports. This was my first time going because last year was a misery with cold weather and rain and I was just a little puppy so we skipped it. There was a parade and lots of competitions on the river. FIB Ark stands for First In Boating on the Arkansas. We stayed in Salida 3 Days and in between being in the town watching the competitions and playing in the water, we camped up in the mountains about 20 miles away...it was so fun...Mom will have some pictures of me "roughing it" on my next post. Until Next Time,

A big welcoming banner, the river was straight down the street
The offical Subaru car...they were a big sponser.

Here we were waiting outside the carnival for my sissy and cousin to come out. No Dogs were allowed, not even a toteable like me. Dad said Rules are Rules. It was OK though, mom didn't want to go on rides and the food was close so dad could go get treats for us.
These were the sweetest little girls EVER...small town parades, so cool

I liked sitting in the shade, it was starting to get pretty warm outside.

Here is a launching area on the river...look at all those kayaks!

Mom let me go down to the river and get my feet wet but the water was very cold, not like the water at home. You can tell I wanted to get out fast.

These crazy guys were having lots of fun going upside down in the river

Lots of young people in the competitions, girls and boys...no dogs though.

So many people and lots of noise, I was getting sort of tired. I didn't get a serious nap all day.


  1. Draco you look like you had a good time on your vacation. You just look so cute!

    Chi Kisses from your furpal,

  2. what great day out--but hey! they should let us in anywhere we wanna be!! we are good pups after all. ;) but yes, rules are rules....
    can't wait to see more draco~! :D


  3. You had a very stimulating day, lots to do and see it's sounds like! Great job with all the pictures, I felt like I was right there with you, Draco!

  4. Wow, what a pawsome vacation, that looks so exciting. You do some great stuff Draco!
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx