Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Vacation Chronicles Part 4

Hi Friends,
More vacation pictures. After camping, we headed east to Kansas to take home our cousin who lives in Wellington, way down in the southeast corner and to meet another of my human sisters and her family at the fun boat races in Garnett up in the northeast section of Kansas. We did alot of driving. I am so glad I had my carseat bed, I took tons of shortcuts (sleeping) during that windshield time. Yay!! finally we got to the place where my best bud Harley was waiting for me. I met him when I was a puppy and he was bigger than I am bigger than him BOL. We had tons of fun running around and messing in the water. I mostly got to be off my leash and just be a country dog. It was GREAT! We were there 3 days and I had a ball. Next we will be heading back to Wellington to meet up with dads sister and then to a lake in Oklahoma, where I did my first real swimming and played with my Labrador and Schnauzer friends.
Until Next Time.

This is the spot mom, there is Richards Trailer

Richard is my Illinois sisters husband, he races these FAST boats as a hobby He wins alot and even gets money....course my sissy says they spend it all on new boat parts and getting to the races so it is a break even. Those little boats are spensive.

Meet Harley...he is why my mom wanted a little chihuahua and found me! He belongs to my Illinois Sister.

We did alot of sitting and visiting under an easy was real hot. Mom doesn't have her hat on...rare moment. That girl is Madison, moms oldest Illinois granddaughter. she was in charge of taking lots of pictures.

Madison and Mackenzie kept going in the lake to wade and Me and Harley just followed them right in.
Mom Loves Harley...(almost as much as me)

Lots of practicing
Getting started, they go out and cruise around the lake and then a timer clock goes to zero and the race is on.
This is Richard coming around in front of made lots of water come up and got everyone cooled off.
Me and Harley, we had so much fun playing together...both of us were so happy, see those big smiles. (Mom I really want a brother to play with)
Ok mom, we won't go out to deep....It feels good in here and I might need a drink of this yummy lake water.
Mackenzie and Madison...the beautiful Illinois Grandkids.
Dad had a good time relaxing, messing with boats and playing with the kids and us pupters.
Mom....thats better, she has her hat on again.
Mom is not very good with trying to walk both Harley and Me together...we got her all tangled up BOL
This was the last day....I wanted Harley to go home with us...(so did mom)
He jumped into our car and I was going to hide him under some pillows...Illinois Sister said NO

Lots of wins and plenty of splashes later, it was time to load up the boats and get in our vehicles...Richard, Sissy Mandy, the Girls and my Buddy Harley headed back to Quincy Illinois and we got in our car and headed to Wellington. I will miss Harley but he might come visit us in August.


  1. Hi Draco,

    I see you and Harley and everybuddy had a terrific time. Wading in the lake looks like fun. I bet those boats are noisy. BOL


  2. I gave you some bloggy loves, please stop by my blog to pick up your awards!

  3. You and Harley look so sweet together and are having a terrific time.
    Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

  4. That looks like soooo much fun!!! Jet skis...Wheeeeeee!!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  5. Wow, lucky you, exiting vacations !!!
    We'd like so much to join...

    From Nana and Uyanga.