Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bath time

Saturdays are sometimes bathtime at our house. Especially when I roll around in stuff my mom deems "icky" I had my pool up and the water was warm so mom decided to wash me in there. It was really ok and cooled me off. Plus I am fresh and clean

I thought I was going to go swimming but mom had other ideas

Soaped up and mom washes me with a cloth to get my "private parts" clean

Dad said I could run around and shake before the towel. He is way more fun than mom

Mom got her way in the end and finished me up with a towel. I really did like it.



  1. Hi Draco,

    We had a pool like that but we never used it so mom gave it away. She never thought about giving us baths in it! BOL

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. hey Draco nice award there....wonder hoo gave yoo...
    i looove baths and while being dried, i'd run and roll on mum's big floor cushion....

    she catches me, pinches my hiney and i stay quiet for abit and then off i go while still wet and roll again on her OTHER floor cushion...

    now, she's a maaaaaad screaming woooman....yoo hoo
    enjoy the rest of the day (or is it night there now???)

  3. Hello Draco! Great bath day! Mama likes the pool you in! I need one but havent gotten one yet as I am to scared of it!! Wags Studd

  4. We like baths too Draco. How cool that you got to bathe in your pool! Mommy keeps saying she is going to get us our very own pool for the backyard, but we have yet to see one. Instead, every few weekends we go to our great grandma's house to get in the big pool. You look very handsome all lathered up and soaking wet!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus

  5. Hi Debra-

    Thanks for the add to your blog list. I appreciate it. I've added you and your ADORABLE little munchkin Draco's blog to my list of stuff that people need to check out on another of my blogs Zoology, Madness and Me (you can link to it through Dancing Beaneath the Moon in the sidebar). It isn't just about chis, though I have two of them myself and they tend to dominate my posts over there, as any self-respecting chihuahuas would. Take care and talk to you again soon, here with you or over there on me...

    peace, Victoria