Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday at Sand Creek

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday, we went to a place called Sand Creek. It was really fun but the creek wasn't that good. Lots of sand though and I got to dig. Also mom let me off the leash again. I love to follow after dad and explore without that leash holding me back. Mom is such a worry wart, she gets all freaked out when I hide by some bushes . I was just watching a bug though and came out real fast. I was so tired I slept all the way to the store . I got to go into petsmart and I accidently "shop lifted" some big dog kibble that was in a bag by the floor. Someone else tore it open but I snagged a nugget while my mom was talking to my dad. It was didn't find a grooming brush but she did buy more nutrical because I HATE my food...all she has to do is give me people food and that would settle the whole food thing but noooooooooo. Today I had to have a bath but it was ok...Then we took a ride and went here and there but we only got out at a park in a teeny town by Greeley, we went to the lake but didn't get out there either...It was just a drive by to check it out for another day. Time for me to wind things up...tomorrow I go to work with mom and need to get some more sleep.

Wiggles and Licks



  1. You're a lucky dog to be able to go off leash. Of course, we don't have any cool dog parks or wide open areas near us either.

    Bark at ya later,

  2. Great pictures of you at Sand Creek! We love to dig too. That so great that your mom lets you off leash. The only time we get to go anywhere off leash is in our backyard (its fenced) and at Mimi's house because she lives on a big farm. You're so lucky!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus

  3. You had a good weekend Draco! By the way, my sister Lilibell thinks you're "HOT"!!

    Waggles, Chewy

  4. Hi Draco,

    You look very spiffy in your blue and white harness. I would like to try digging in sand but we have no beaches around here!

    Wags & wiggles,