Friday, August 14, 2009

I Can Fly !!!

I have a little lamb that I really like to play has a voice and I love to make it talk...Dad was teasing me with it and I found out that I can really jump out superman pretty soon I will be flying!

Ok Dad, give me my Lambie
Almost There

Getting Closer

Ahhh Got Him !

See You In The Clouds!


  1. What's with chihuahuas and little lambs? Edison and Bram each have little floppy soft lambs that make a baby lamb noise and they go berserk over them, leaping and flinging themselves all over the place with them. One lamb is slightly larger than the other and has a deeper "voice" but the two of them and those lambs...yikes!!

  2. I know....Draco Loves them, he also has a beanie baby lamb from McDonalds that he plays with, it is very small and he walks around with it in his mouth all the time. It is silent though so no "killing" it.

  3. Hi Super Draco!

    I am Dory and I saw you over at Coco's blog and thought I would stop by. One cannot have enough Chi friends you know, even though I am not one myself!

    You are too very cute!!

    PeeEss...I have a Lammie TOO!!!! But I can't jump nearly as high as you can!

  4. hey fly superchi,
    i'm impressed and i'm not allowed to leap as mum says a fourth surgery would kill her......not me....her bol.....

  5. Hi Dory, thanks for stopping by...I took a sniff over at your place too. Glad to be your friend, us lamb lovers must stick together BOL...
    Coco my sweet, I'm sorry you are banned from the leaping, but you are soooo precious you steal your huuumons heart with other things. My mom really didn't think about broken legs when she let me jump so high...uh oh !

  6. Hi Draco,

    Just now seeing this post cause Blogger is being stoopid!

    You sure did jump high! What is with the hoomans teasing us with our toys like that anyway? My mom does that to me all the time.

    Wags & wiggles,

  7. Uh oh Sis. I think Draco will give you a run for your money in a jumping contest! Ha ha. Super Draco!! What a great trick. Lexi is a very good jumper too. Our Moms should get you two together for a friendly contest!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    Bentley & Lexus

  8. oh wow Draco!! you are having lots of fun & look how high you can go!! I need to learn that from you!