Saturday, August 29, 2009

Car Wash

Hi Furiends... Saturday here in Colorado, just laying around the garden chasing grasshoppers and eating sticks...Yesterday on the way home from work, Mom decided to wash the car in the big scary car wash place...I was minding my business in my car seat when all of a sudden that thing started going all around the car...I was pretty disturbed but I didn't bark. I wanted to get out of there though. Hope all have a fun weekend. Until next time,

Just minding my business

What is that noise

I don't like it mom

All done now?
My mom takes her flashy box EVERYWHERE...I just can't get any peace.


  1. Hi Draco,

    Mom has only taken us through the truck wash one time. We were kinda freaked out by the noise. It's a good thing mom doesn't wash the truck as often as she does us!

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. Poor Draco, you do look a bit scared but don't worry, it's only like lots of rain. We love your posh car seat, you can really see out of the windows being up so high. We have the same trouble with the camera, she is worse than the flipping paparazzi!

    Wags and kisses
    Dippy and Bridge xx

  3. you have one handsome face Draco

    chikisses and have a restful sunday

  4. Draco, you were pretty brave!! If that was Chewy, we would've all been deaf by the time we got outta there, BOL!!

    Kisses, Lilibell

  5. Wow Draco...VERY scary! But you still manage to look adorable!!


  6. hey draco

    we wouldent like the car wash thingy i dont think and you do look adorable x

    We've given you an award! Go to our blog for it. :)
    xxx zac honey and romeo xx

  7. Poor Draco!! But don't feel bad, Edison would PLOTZ if he were in there too. And then he'd never get back in the car again (and he LOVES car rides). Picture #3 is especially